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Acceptance same sex marriage uruguay

Besides male and female, Uruguayan identity documents are available with an "O" sex descriptor for "Other". A decade later, the parliament passed a measure allowing gay couples to adopt children. Same-sex couples could register with a city clerk and formally assume joint responsibility for a household.

Acceptance same sex marriage uruguay

In , the congress of the northern state of Coahuila approved same-sex marriage, and in , neighboring Chihuahua followed suit. In December , the bill passed the Chamber of Representatives by a vote of [15] [16] and passed the Senate on 2 April by a vote. The court also held that local laws permit same-sex marriage, even if they do not say so explicitly.

Acceptance same sex marriage uruguay

Acceptance same sex marriage uruguay

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  1. However, Uruguay possesses a Corruption of Minors Law, under which charges can be brought to those manipulating minors below the age of 18 into having sexual relations. After heated debates in parliament and in society at large, the Netherlands implemented same-sex marriage legislation in , becoming the first country in the world to approve gay marriage.

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    The new measure passed by a margin of greater than five-to-one, with support coming from both the governing African National Congress as well as the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance. Finland Same-sex marriage will become legal in Finland starting in

  3. The law allowed the marriages of Belgian same-sex couples and recognized as married those from other countries where same-sex marriage was legal. Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world.

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    The new law, which was passed in , replaced a law permitting civil unions.

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