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Average sex ratio for cows

Nonetheless, Foote failed to report any significant effect of time of the year on sex ratio in dairy cattle while Skjervold and James reported a significant effect of calving season on sex ratio in parity 1 animals only. Experiment 3 A group of 20 Brahman, Continental, and European crossbred females were superovulated Fig. It is apparent that herd size per se cannot for this difference and some other factors closely associated with herd size may be responsible.

Average sex ratio for cows

This relationship was confirmed on four plant species from three families — Rumex acetosa Polygonaceae , [15] [16] Melandrium album Cariophyllaceae , [17] [18] Cannabis sativa [19] and Humulus japonicus Cannabinaceae. Some recent studies, however, indicate that, within species, the sex ratio varies with the costs or benefits of producing male or female offspring. Upon arrival at the laboratory, all follicles ranging from 2 to 9 mm in diameter were aspirated.

Average sex ratio for cows

Average sex ratio for cows

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