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Big deal marriage same sex why

In Canada some minister was hauled before their kangaroo court system and had his freedom threatened for stating that homosexuality is condemned by Christian theology and listing bible citations in support of his contention. For, as she explored in her first book, Passions Between Women Scarlet , almost nothing about these cases is clear-cut — except the inescapable fact that, even three or four centuries ago, it was not unheard of for two women to cohabit in marriage. The second becomes moot in the case of sterile pairs, the first raises serious concerns that are not present in marriages between unrelated, fully emancipated adults.

Big deal marriage same sex why

Hide Caption 11 of 33 Photos: I think tea party influence is one reason why fiscally conservative gay groups, like GOPROUD, have gotten a much more receptive hearing in conservative circles than they did in the past.

Big deal marriage same sex why

Big deal marriage same sex why

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