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Britney fed k sex spear

Spears sued after Us refused to issue a retraction. Britney and Kevin also went from cutthroat to cordial.

Britney fed k sex spear

The pop singer took to partying — sometimes with Paris Hilton, sometimes without her undies — and slipped into a downward spiral. Britney and K-Fed have both signed declarations swearing that no sex tape exists.

Britney fed k sex spear

Britney fed k sex spear

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  1. Britney was famously photographed driving with baby Sean on her lap, instead of — ya know — being strapped safely in a car seat. Us Weekly published an article last October claiming that Britney and Kevin showed their estate planning lawyer a sex tape that the couple had shot and told the attorney they feared it would become public.

  2. Britney and Kevin also went from cutthroat to cordial.

  3. She was taken to a hospital and placed on a hour lockdown for mental evaluation — with photos of her on a gurney being loaded into an ambulance plastered everywhere. The next day, divorce papers were filed — and Kevin was supposedly blindsided by her decision.

  4. By June of that year, though, Britney — who was quickly feeling marriage-minded — invited Kevin on tour with her through Europe. Beyond that, they drank, smoked, swapped spit, and … talked about farts.

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