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Building a sex shock device

While this is safer than shocking the heart or spine, it can deliver a very serious shock and also create burns. In fact, most experts in the BDSM field suggest that these devices only be used with an experienced partner, at least for the first several instances. While they can be effective, they also tend to be powerful.

Building a sex shock device

Thanks to Arduino hardware and a 3D printer, there are few limits to what can be achieved with a little practice. Because they are highly customizable, they can be used quite effectively as a sexual toy, with users able to change the frequency, pulses and waveforms. Like the TENS unit, the shock is adjustable on most toys, and one can change the frequency and the intensity.

Building a sex shock device

Building a sex shock device

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  1. Zulugul

    A somewhat safer avenue for people seeking an electrically based sexual thrill may be the violet wand. There is an infinite amount of literature available for those looking for ideas or tips.

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    And this is Gary's "take on" the practice, and when the coin isn't being pushed down, the user is in pain.

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    There is an infinite amount of literature available for those looking for ideas or tips. The Punishment Pump What:

  4. Though other types of BDSM play are often used in conjunction with e-stim, in itself, it is a viable sexual tool if used safely and properly.

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