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Bulimia and lack of sex drive

Body image distortion reveals amygdala activation in patients with anorexia nervosa -- a functional magnetic resonance imaging study. Eating Disorders Anorexia and bulimia may be caused by two genetic anomalies, according to a new study.

Bulimia and lack of sex drive

Intimate partners of those struggling with an eating disorder may notice that it has compromised their sexual relationship, and experience feeling of hurt, anger, and frustration. A person with bulimia may have physical signs on their body from self-induced vomiting such as scars or marks on their knuckles, broken blood vessels in their eyes, enlarged glands in their neck, and dental issues.

Bulimia and lack of sex drive

Bulimia and lack of sex drive

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    Existing relationships will change.

  2. Compensatory behavior may include self-induced vomiting, laxative use, diuretics or other medications, fasting, or over-exercising.

  3. People suffering from non-purge type may still engage in purge behaviors but not as frequently. When the anorexic patient is ready to return to sexual intimacy, it may help to have her sexual partner visit with her therapist.

  4. Sexual functioning and attitudes of eating-disordered women:

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