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Does anal sex cause anal cancer

Smoking increases your risk of anal cancer. Evidence of HPV is detected in the majority of anal cancers. Current smokers are several times more likely to have cancer of the anus compared with people who do not smoke.

Does anal sex cause anal cancer

It can be very hard to avoid being exposed to HPV. Most cases of anal cancer occur in people age 50 and older. For instance, in African Americans younger than age 60, it's more common in men than in women, but after age 60 it's more common in women.

Does anal sex cause anal cancer

Does anal sex cause anal cancer

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HPV is a snap of more than very viruses. Means or signs that tin your immune system.

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  1. The accumulating abnormal cells form a mass tumor.

  2. Dukazahn

    Cancer cells invade nearby tissues and can separate from an initial tumor to spread elsewhere in the body metastasize. For example, an HPV infection might start in the genitals and then spread to the anus.

  3. Dokinos

    HPV infection is a sexually transmitted infection that can also cause genital warts. Of the different types of HPV, type 16 is the most common in anal cancer.

  4. Telrajas

    This is probably due to risk factors common to all these cancers, such as HPV infection. All that's needed is for there to be skin-to-skin contact with an area of the body infected with HPV.

  5. Grojinn

    Smoking Smoking increases the risk of anal cancer. Different cancers have different risk factors.

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