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Does sex make you smarter

The line of the episode has to go to hairdresser Nikki, who quipped that the only way sex would make her smarter is if "he had an Oxford dictionary on his forehead". I bet his Tinder is blowing up like a Sydney house price right now.

Does sex make you smarter

Having sex is not only good for your body but it also changes your brain chemistry in all kinds of ways. Then we met tech entrepreneurs Helen and Sarah.

Does sex make you smarter

Does sex make you smarter

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  1. But what if we told you that an active sex life could actually make you smarter? Does sex make you smarter?

  2. Kitilar

    It was only the first episode, but the cast of Common Sense and I are getting overly attached really quickly - I love them all!

  3. Goltikazahn

    It was panned worse than the time my mum wanted to do a vegetarian Christmas lunch! Either way, if you needed an excuse, improved brain power is just as good as any to get down and dirty, now.

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