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Emotional detriments of premarital sex

A strict personality is regarded as an internal factor that prevents the person from having premarital sexual relationships. Because these aspects of family life are conceptually complex, we created scales for each. Linkedin Comment Premarital sex could be detrimental to long term relationships, according to a new study, which cautions that sex early on in a relationship can stunt the growth of important developments.

Emotional detriments of premarital sex

In what ways do the socioeconomic characteristics, structure and values of a young woman's family predict her having had premarital relationships and sex? They were more informed about the topics of the study and knew many young men and women who had already initiated sexual activity. The choice is yours

Emotional detriments of premarital sex

Emotional detriments of premarital sex

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    Sexual awareness Majority of the participants said that they do not receive sex-related information from their parents. Another motive, which can be considered negative, may be concern that parents might discover the premarital relationship.

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    What they may receive is a surface knowledge, sometimes late or even after their own experience.

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    To sum up, having had a boyfriend or having had sex was more common among young women whose parents were well-off, were well educated, had liberal family values and had relaxed attitudes toward premarital relationships, and among young women who reported a poor family atmosphere, low levels of mother-daughter communication, lack of parent-child closeness and strict parental control.

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