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F 2 m snowball sex

Barton and Bengtsson characterized reproductive barriers due to multiple, epistatic incompatibility factors. For example, introgression appears to persist between Drosophila pseudoobscura and D.

F 2 m snowball sex

See also rimming and Asian. In the absence of sex specificity of any kind, loci unlinked to incompatibility factors face identical barriers to introgression and the joint barrier induced by multiple incompatibility factors corresponds to the product of the barriers generated by the factors individually.

F 2 m snowball sex

F 2 m snowball sex

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  1. Nashura

    Our analysis extends previous work by accommodating sex specificity: In these species, at least three inverted chromosomal regions appear to contribute to hybrid incompatibility Noor et al.

  2. Second, we address the barrier to introgression generated by multiple incompatibility factors that show no functional epistasis.

  3. Mooguramar

    First, we describe the derivation of relative reproductive rate, the expected contribution to future generations of a foreign marker gene introduced by a migrant relative to a marker gene in a resident. See also red wings.

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