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Free sex offender by location madison wi

Landlords are not obligated to keep or disclose this information themselves. The purpose of requiring specific identifying information is to create a safeguard from providing false or misleading information from the Registry. If you have any questions, contact the Tenant Resource Center before signing and we can help you understand the lease and identify possible problems.

Free sex offender by location madison wi

Help keep our services free for everyone! You may find that no more than two or three unrelated persons can live in the building, which may come as a shock if you were planning to move in with some friends. Wisconsin's sex-offender compliance rate is much higher than the national average, thanks in part to the Sex Offender Apprehension and Felony Enforcement SAFE initiative put forth by Gov.

Free sex offender by location madison wi

Free sex offender by location madison wi

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    Paul had sex with the girl again on Oct.

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    Sitting in a Willy Street coffee shop, Paul, 40, explains that he is no longer attracted to prepubescent females and will therefore not re-offend after his probation ends in four years. Paroled in December , Paul was back in custody six months later after assaulting a year-old girl, whose reaction, claims Paul, had a curative affect.

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