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Having sex during morning sickness

You must remember that having 2 babies at 1 time is different from the usual pregnancy. If you are diagnosed with ICP, your midwife and doctor will discuss your health and your options with you.

Having sex during morning sickness

Excreta If you have seen your excreta having an unusual color, be sure to make an appointment with a doctor. Call to an ambulance to save your baby. The fetus itself is still transparent, but the hair have already started to form.

Having sex during morning sickness

Having sex during morning sickness

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    Try to eat smaller meals and maintain a correct lifestyle.

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    Being in water can take the weight off your joints and allow you to move more easily, so you might want to think about having a water birth.

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    It can cause abnormalities in the development or serious defects in the formation of the fetus, called fertile alcohol syndrome.

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