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Horror movies with lots of sexuality

A movie that comes from the minds of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino is always going to be filled with blood, gore and plenty of dark humor and From Dusk Till Dawn is no different. One by one, Daryl Van Horne aka The Devil, aka Jack seduces each woman by appealing to her unique personality and feeding the development of her latent witch powers. A remake of the cheesy film Piranha, the version revolves around a group of locals and tourists trying to escape the flesh-eating, prehistoric fish that suddenly begin swarming Lake Victoria during spring break.

Horror movies with lots of sexuality

There is also plenty of gore and enough shocks to keep everyone happy. The movie is also filled with plenty of dark humor and wit that makes Jennifer's Body a very sexy and snappy movie. Jason Goes To Hell:

Horror movies with lots of sexuality

Horror movies with lots of sexuality

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  1. The movie still has a definite cult following, despite mostly underwhelming reviews at the time of its release, and it eventually spawned three sequels, pun intended. All in all, the movie itself may not be the sexiest horror flick out there, but the scene certainly deserves a mention.

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