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How do i make sex lube

This tissue damage is not only uncomfortable, but can also increase the risk of STI transmission 5. Glycerol monolaurate inhibits Candida and Gardnerella vaginalis in vitro and in vivo but not Lactobacillus.

How do i make sex lube

Water-based lubes do have some downsides though. Another issue is that olive oil is a heavy oil and is not easily absorbed into the skin.

How do i make sex lube

How do i make sex lube

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  1. Yozshurr

    Keep in mind that you know your body best, and some of these products may not work for you, but there are still lots of options!

  2. Samular

    Using a personal lubricant can also make anal sex safer.

  3. Bralrajas

    A lube with a high concentration of glycerols can actually have a negative effect on anal and vaginal tissues, by causing damage and dehydration to these tissues

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