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How to sex an aquatic frog

Unless the calling male could isolate himself from the rest of the group, clasping every animal in his vicinity would be disadvantageous; how then does he discriminate a responder? Percent amplitude modulation was determined as:

How to sex an aquatic frog

Herein we present evidence for a system of auditory recognition—receptive duets—in the South African clawed frog. Occasionally females do sing in response, but vocalization is more specifically a male activity.

How to sex an aquatic frog

How to sex an aquatic frog

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  1. Many males find mates by advertising; prominent examples are mating leks and the songs of birds and frogs.

  2. To determine the effect of female vocalizations on male behavior, laboratory playback experiments were conducted in a 1 m by 2 m by 0. Abstract Finding a sexually receptive partner of the opposite sex is a challenge; one solution is to advertise.

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    The male has no vocal cords, unlike males of other frog species. Ticking 6 , given by sexually unreceptive females 9 , is a quiet, slow, and monotonous trill 10 believed to function as a release call 6 ,

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