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How to write a sex story

Not just a little X, a lot of X. You even get anticipation in the form of that plot device where suddenly, holy crap, by the time this plays out they just promised these characters are at least going to be naked in the same room together. The standard also raises or lowers the bar for the person who breaks the standard:

How to write a sex story

While you want to write as though no one is looking over your shoulder, one day, you may be sitting in a room full of readers who have all eagerly read your sex scenes and wish to comment on them. No, this is nothing like that, and he needs to stop grunting in my fucking ear. The characters end up feeling like gymnasts or dolls instead of those having a sexual experience.

How to write a sex story

How to write a sex story

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No sex would place. Get in the whole, time through your fingertips, get wet already.

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