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Lenawee county sex offender cases

Our talented team of defense lawyers in Lenawee County can help you avoid registration as a sex offender, and will do everything possible to uphold your reputation. As such, the department works closely with the legislature to ensure any changes made to the Sex Offender Registration Act comply with federal requirements. For more information on sex crime statistics in Lenawee County and throughout Michigan, review the latest report on crime in Michigan.

Lenawee county sex offender cases

The courts are located at N. Failing to verify an address carries a graduated penalty ranging from a day misdemeanor to a four-year felony. Sex crime charges are serious, potentially resulting in life-altering penalties and a damaged reputation.

Lenawee county sex offender cases

Lenawee county sex offender cases

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    The 39th Circuit Court has original jurisdiction over all felony cases.

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    Call us toll-free now at for a free initial case consultation.

  3. Offenders released from prison must remain on the registry for a minimum of 10 years or the duration of their registration, whichever is longer.

  4. A sex crimes defense lawyer can aggressively fight for your rights in court, protecting you from prosecuting attorneys that are seeking to punish you severely.

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