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Media impact of sex new tv

We watch what we're interested in watching Newer models of media use suggest that it is the individuals who consume media, not the media itself, who are the driving agents of behavior. Why doesn't media influence teens?

Media impact of sex new tv

Data regarding adolescent exposure to various media are, for the most part, severely dated. Interest in sex is a largely biologically motivated process; fictional media really isn't required. There are numerous theories that discuss how individuals and media interact.

Media impact of sex new tv

Media impact of sex new tv

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  1. However, many older media effects theories didn't consider why people were drawn to media, how they processed it, or what they hoped to get from it. What we do is ask teens to report on their sexual behavior and their media preferences, as well as other variables we might like to control for such as personality or family environment and see if correlations exist.

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    In addition, we do not know the long-term effectiveness of various social-cultural, technologic, and media approaches to minimizing that exposure eg, V-Chips on television, Internet-filtering-software, parental supervision, rating systems or minimizing the effects of that exposure eg, media-literacy programs.

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    None can serve as the grounding for evidence-based public policy.

  4. People don't generally accidentally watch media, sexual or otherwise, but are motivated to do so because of preexisting desires.

  5. Teenagers seem to be more open to sexual activity at an earlier age due to the medias' overabundance concerning sex.

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