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Non scented vaginal cream during sex

Treating vaginitis Some cases of vaginitis are mild and will resolve by avoiding irritants, or by using proper hygiene. What are the symptoms? During ovulation , the discharge or mucus may become very thick, and mucus-like.

Non scented vaginal cream during sex

One of the challenges to answering questions sent into a health care Web site is making sure that the person asking the question seeks the advice and care from her doctor when appropriate. Use condoms during sex if you are undergoing treatment for vaginitis.

Non scented vaginal cream during sex

Non scented vaginal cream during sex

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  1. Kazijar

    Most often the problem is caused by an infection, but certain irritants also can trigger it, as can hormonal changes.

  2. If itching is present, thick white discharge can indicate a yeast infection. The most common symptom is an abnormal vaginal discharge that varies depending on the cause of infection:

  3. Fenrirn

    A man also can be infected but will seldom show symptoms. These can derive from the colonization of the vagina with oral or fecal bacteria.

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