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Phylisophical veiw on same sex marrage

It shares certain formal features with typical procreative sex. Proponents of the contractualization, or privatization, of marriage have argued that marriage should be brought further into line with the contractual paradigm.

Phylisophical veiw on same sex marrage

Privatization does not solve this conflict so long as religious organizations are involved in civil society—for example, as employers or benefit providers. Women in gender-structured marriages, particularly if they have children, tend to become economically vulnerable. Thus, there is an onus to provide a rationale justifying such resource allocations and legal discrimination on the basis of marriage, as well as for restricting marriage in ways that other contracts are not restricted.

Phylisophical veiw on same sex marrage

Phylisophical veiw on same sex marrage

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  1. The erastes had to show that he had nobler interests in the boy, rather than a purely sexual concern.

  2. Historians and sociologists have drawn on it, which is perhaps unsurprising given the role of historical claims about the social construction of sexuality.

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    It is widely accepted that the state should protect children.

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