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Positive behavioral support for sex offenders

Community-based treatment groups usually meet hours per week, whereas residential treatment groups often meet for hours per week McGrath et al. Loeber R, Farrington DP, editors. The first was a federally-funded study that began in and aimed to examine the feasibility of treating high risk sex offenders in community settings.

Positive behavioral support for sex offenders

These laws can have the unfortunate effect of prohibiting the implementation of newer, evidence-based interventions. In a study that applied a cost-benefit model for criminal justice programs Washington State Institute for Public Policy, to the results of the Borduin and Schaeffer 8. Pessimism regarding treatment effectiveness is also reflected in state and federal legislation pertaining to juvenile sexual offenders.

Positive behavioral support for sex offenders

Positive behavioral support for sex offenders

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    As noted by Wagner, Swenson, and Henggeler , some professionals who work with juvenile sexual offenders have argued that it is unethical to randomly assign youths to groups to evaluate treatment effectiveness and that the best care should be provided to everyone.

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