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Rev moon sex with brides

These ceremonies are only intended for Church members whose blood lineage still needs to be changed from Satanic to Messianic. The idea that Eve had a sexual relationship with Satan in the garden of Eden and that, as a consequence, all humans are tainted by a Satanic bloodline and should be cleansed by a new bloodline originating from a new Messiah, a Lord of the Second Advent, was not invented by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Rev moon sex with brides

He also had a son by his first wife. It is important to note that there was not one single Jesus Church, but many, loosely connected with each other.

Rev moon sex with brides

Rev moon sex with brides

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    He built a vast international business empire of newspaper chains including the right-wing The Washington Times , television stations, hotels, golf courses, universities, factories including a Korean arms factory , vast tracts of real estate and even a ballet company.

  2. Moon engendered widespread hostility among parents, alarmed at the changed personalities of their converted children.

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    Moon — the sexual ceremonies ceased, and were replaced by the new Unification Church marriage ceremony. When he was 10 years old, his parents joined the Presbyterian church.

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