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Review movie sex and the city

Though various men and some women may flit in and out of their lives, the four women always have each other, and that's a joy to watch onscreen. Do they sometimes take the place of family? When the series hit the scene years ago, it was groundbreaking, not only because it served up so much sex the word is in the title, after all -- and from a woman's point of view, at that -- but also because it fearlessly examined women's relationships with the men in their lives and, more importantly, with each other.

Review movie sex and the city

In the end, does a woman need a relationship to be whole? What's the glue that binds these characters together? But just when the show verges on irritating, it's rescued by witty writing and intelligent acting.

Review movie sex and the city

Review movie sex and the city

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  1. But even though the movie isn't perfect, there are stand-out moments that remind us of the show's singular ability to tap into authenticity amid all the frivolity.

  2. Sex-starved Samantha wears thin, as when she beds a fireman do viewers really need to see her in yet another strange position? Only Charlotte Kristin Davis seems perfectly happy she's even pregnant!

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