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Safe sex without getting pregnant

Don't let fingers that have touched a penis touch the outside of a condom - sperm could be transferred to the condom and then get inside the vagina. Women can have a sterilization procedure known as tubal ligation. Implants work by releasing the hormone progestin into the body, which prevents ovulation.

Safe sex without getting pregnant

Once fitted, an IUD lasts for at least 5 years before it needs replacing. This means that a woman's chances of becoming pregnant in her early 40s are pretty slim, though it's by no means impossible. Spermicide Spermicide is a chemical that inactivates sperm.

Safe sex without getting pregnant

Safe sex without getting pregnant

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    The CDC estimate that implants are also greater than 99 percent effective for contraception.

  2. Taugore

    Birth control pills are one of the most commonly used methods of contraception in the U. When to take a pregnancy test A woman can take a pregnancy test if she suspects she is pregnant, especially if her usual method of contraception has failed recently.

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    Don't think that it's OK to rub an unprotected penis around the outside of a vagina - It's still possible for some sperm to get inside.

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    An individual's "fertile window" lasts for around 6 to 9 days per month and coincides with ovulation, which is the release of the egg. However, fertility after reversal is not always fully restored.

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