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Same sex marriages and churches

A liberal view is presented by Mathematician Shakuntala Devi, in her book, The World of Homosexuals, in which she interviewed Srinivasa Raghavachariar, head priest of the Srirangam temple. Notably in Troy Perry , the church's founder, filed the first lawsuit in the U.

Same sex marriages and churches

He also said he understood the need for gay self-affirmation. The church criticisms were accompanied by Vatican claims that Catholic politicians should vote according to their personal beliefs rather than the policy of the government. In the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada voted to study a proposal to bless only those marriages that have been civilly registered, even where marriage is reserved to heterosexual couples, abrogating the role of clergy as delegates of the provincial registrar altogether.

Same sex marriages and churches

Same sex marriages and churches

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