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Sex and drugs and rock nroll

But Charlie admitted too that he himself had lifted it from a French Creole song, so it seemed that the riff had been passed down the years. An alternative version to this story exists: The pattern of work adopted by the pair involved Dury presenting Jankel with his hand-typed lyric sheets.

Sex and drugs and rock nroll

It features four drummers and four keyboard players, plus vocals by Wallis, Wreckless Eric, Edmunds, Lowe, and Dury, and by the end at 5 minutes and 22 seconds what sounds like every musician on the tour. Its title defined an era and introduced a new phrase into the English vernacular. He also refused to have lyrics printed on any record.

Sex and drugs and rock nroll

Sex and drugs and rock nroll

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    The video features footage of Dury singing the lyrics.

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