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Sex offender treatment recidivism rates

Recidivism base rates, predictions of sex offender recidivism, and the "sexual predator" commitment laws. Report to the U.

Sex offender treatment recidivism rates

Not all sexual offenders, however, were equally likely to reoffend. The horizontal axis is labelled "Time in years" and has values ranging from zero at the start left to 18 at the end right.

Sex offender treatment recidivism rates

Sex offender treatment recidivism rates

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    Recidivism rates among child molesters and rapists:

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    Interpretation of recidivism estimates The recidivism estimates may be applied to the general case or to the individual offender. For example, the 15 year estimate for boy-victim child molesters

  3. Psychological Assessment, 21 1 , 1— However, the interpretation of such results requires caution, given that an independent analysis of the studies of a good methodological quality did not show significant effects of treatment.

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    The greater the assessed risk, the higher the levels of intervention and supervision; the lower the assessed risk, the lower the levels of intervention and supervision. Figure 3 Image Description Figure 3 is a survival graph showing the proportion of sexual offenders against children who have not sexually recidivated over time.

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