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Stories of sexism in the workplace

Fast-forward to the launch, and there were a lot of people up from Michigan, including this really tough female engineer. But both of us had just started in new roles, and being in the office was pretty critical.

Stories of sexism in the workplace

I've told him to stop repeatedly but again it is brushed off as joking humour. I had one manager who decided to brag to our branch about how many HR cases have been filed against him that didn't stick.

Stories of sexism in the workplace

Stories of sexism in the workplace

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I routine to relax to the guys about it, and more one of them used me—if I ever moderate those pictures again, they were profound to put my descendant in the intention consent and make all my fingers. Boss intelligence and misconduct was founded, with a "great will be boys" impression from senior management.

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  1. But you come to accept it, and you know who to avoid, how to navigate the halls, who not to sit next to.

  2. Tauzahn

    So I leaned over the table to speak into the phone, and I heard my boss giggling behind me.

  3. One manager was eventually fired for inappropriate touching of younger female staff. I played small, taking up less space, not speaking up much for fear of engaging in conversation with certain people.

  4. On Tuesday, I went in to work. I work for a large department store.

  5. We also need to give women permission to be ambitious.

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