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Telling the sex of rabbits

Does have nipples, whereas bucks do not. So, similar to the testicles in the males, even if you can not find the nipples on a rabbit, the rabbit could still be a doe. The buck, on the other hand, will display, if less than 5 weeks old, a blunt white tube without a central line.

Telling the sex of rabbits

Bucks have blockier heads and are smaller than does of the same breed. I always recommend wearing a long sleeve thick cloth jacket to avoid getting scratched by the rabbit.

Telling the sex of rabbits

Telling the sex of rabbits

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  1. That is where sexing rabbits can get tricky, but keep reading - we'll show you exactly how to determine the gender of a rabbit, whether a bunny or an adult rabbit. A couple months later, one of the rabbits is pregnant.

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