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The sex of a parakeet

Unfortunately, these tints are often very difficult to distinguish when a bird is less than a month old. When the endoscope is inserted into the abdominal airsacs of the bird, the entire organsystem of the bird's abdominal cavity, including the bird's reproductive organs, is visible through the airsac's membranous wall. Males take on a bright blue or rich violet while females take on a variation of brown, anywhere from a rich brown resembling that of oiled leather to a light tan.

The sex of a parakeet

Mature feathers will work just as well. Part of the bird's unique respiratorysystem, the airsacs of a bird are basically large chambers of air with see-through, ultra-thin,membranous walls.

The sex of a parakeet

The sex of a parakeet

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    Consider DNA sexing using the discarded egg shells of very newborn budgerigars. Many states and countries forbid the sending of biological materials by postbecause of the risk of exotic disease transmission e.

  2. Some points about DNA feather sexing: If possible, hold your birds in an upright position in their normal perching position because birds may find it hard to breath if held upside down or on their backs.

  3. I didn't find any explanation of this phenomenon in the literature or on the internet so far. Feather sexing may be the preferred method because it can be less stressful on the bird.

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