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Tips on male anal sex

If you choose to have sex on any drug or mild-altering substance — alcohol being one of them — know that substances can limit your ability to detect pain or know when your butt has had enough. There are many books and websites on how to fist properly — Fist Me!

Tips on male anal sex

Firstly, the act of penetration in any form is something incredibly sensual but requires a good amount of trust — so to share that with someone is just amazing. The opening and closing of this muscle on its own can be very erotic. It is one of my favorite ways to pass an evening and one of the most enjoyable parts of my life.

Tips on male anal sex

Tips on male anal sex

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  1. Fisting — inserting the whole hand into the anus — tends to draw gasps from people who are not into it, gay men included.

  2. He started pushing a small butt plug in my ass during foreplay, and I learned that the feeling of being opened can be just as intense as being fucked.

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