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What is sorp sex offender reporting

Depending upon the seriousness of the violation, the consequences range from verbal warnings to revocation and return to prison. The levels of notification are:

What is sorp sex offender reporting

Harassment by citizens is dangerous and could be detrimental to the successful re-integration of the registrant, however, awareness is important. If you see anything out of the ordinary or questionable, contact the police department or the Sex Offender Registry. Law enforcement makes the final decision on the level of notification.

What is sorp sex offender reporting

What is sorp sex offender reporting

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  1. Tell your parents if this person offers you toys, money or gifts.

  2. Under Wisconsin Statute

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    Open communication among family members, especially between parents and children, is a vital component of family safety. If an offender attempts to remove or otherwise tamper with the unit or bracelet, a signal is sent to the monitoring center and the proper authorities are notified.

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