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Why do my balls ache after sex

These can be drained and rarely cause any serious problems. Already having a child is a very good indication that all is well in the sperm department.

Why do my balls ache after sex

From what you describe he may be suffering from intermittent torsion where the testicle rotates on itself cutting off its own blood supply. Sometimes the problem is only discovered in later life. My scrotum has become swollen after some sexual activity.

Why do my balls ache after sex

Why do my balls ache after sex

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  1. Mauramar

    It's not painful but it's "there".

  2. Grorisar

    Pain during intercourse generally falls into a number of areas.

  3. Mazucage

    The testicles in the majority of cases drop down into the scrotum at or around the time of birth, and after that they should remain in the scrotum.

  4. Kazrashakar

    I'm wondering if this is a sign of testicular cancer and if not, could I be sterile?

  5. Should I be concerned? Yes, a variocele which is just a bag of fluid collecting in the sheath of the cords passing into the scrotum, can cause problems but they can usually be resolved quickly by draining the fluid from the sac.

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